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How Integrators Make Factory Automation Easy

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ABB Robot Cell Installation with Conveyors

With many companies looking to kick-off or expand their factory automation in 2020, one common question is why companies should use an integrator over working with component suppliers directly. Many component suppliers offer expertise on their products that can seem extremely valuable, however, oftentimes they are limited to the solutions that they can recommend. 

Automation integrators, such as MCS, can provide more objective comparisons and recommendations over reps at individual suppliers. Integrators have a better knowledge of competing products and solutions. Allen-Bradley or Siemens? Industrial Robot or Cobot? Integrators can help companies compare the options.

Not only does the integrator offer value in the planning process, but oftentimes makes commissioning a new factory automation cell or machine much easier. Instead of dealing with the individual support resources of the various component suppliers, integrators can offer turnkey solutions in which they guarantee the timely commissioning, certification, and continued performance of the project. Your company isn’t risking production diving into the unknown.

Here at MCS, we’re glad to offer our guidance and advice for the entire process from initial conceptualization, to project delivery, and PHSR certification. Reach out to one of our team members today to begin the conversation and see how we can help with your factory automation project.

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